My Minecraft Modlist


Install Fabric here. Many of these were picked from the Fabulously Optimized modpack.

Mod Description
Starlight Optimizes the lighting engine.
Sodium Overhauls the rendering engine, giving a huge FPS boost.
ImmediatelyFast Makes rendering faster.
FastLoad Makes world loading faster.
Memory Leak Fix Fixes some memory leaks.
Distant Horizons See farther.
Ksyxis Optimizes world loading.
Smooth Boot Makes booting less stressful for your system.
No Fade Removes all fade animations.
Debugify Fixes numerous bugs.
Lithium Optimizes the entire game engine.
LazyDFU Optimizes the boot process.
DashLoader Makes the game load faster.
Language Reload Makes language changes instant.
FerriteCore Reduces memory usage.
Entity Culling Skips rendering entities/blocks that are not visible.
Cull Less Leaves Hide leaves beyond \(n\) layers.
Enhanced Block Entities Improves the performance of blocks such as chests.
Dynamic FPS Slows down the game when it is not in focus.
LambDynamicLights Makes torches light up in your hand.
LambdaBetterGrass Makes grass blend into hills.
Logical Zoom Zooms the camera when you hold 'C'.
Amecs Allows me to remap the menu key.
Iris Implements shaders in Fabric.
Immersive Portals Makes nether portals seamless.
Eating Animation Adds an eating animation to food items.
Shulker Box Tooltip Visualizes shulker box contents.
Chunky Pre-generate chunks.
More Culling Culls invisible objects.
Falling Leaves Adds falling leaves.
Exordium Renders GUIs at a lower framerate.
Indium Required for LambdaBetterGrass + Sodium.
Mod Menu Adds a mod menu and a button to access it.
Fabric API Necessary for other mods.
Simple Voice Chat Allows you to talk to other players.
Xaero's Minimap A minimap.
Xaero's World Map A map.
Presence Footsteps Makes footstep sounds more context-aware.
AmbientSounds Adds a lot of neat ambient sounds.
CreativeCore Required for AmbientSounds.
Sound Physics Remastered Makes the sound engine more realistic.
AppleSkin Adds saturation information to the HUD.
Blur Adds blur effects behind menus.